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Pricing out the competition

We have built our reputation on performance, efficiency, and excellent pricing.  Dirty Deeds Junk Removal is built on offering a superior service.  Our company has become one of the most sought-after junk removal services in Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, and Woodbridge, VA.  We come highly recommended by your neighbors throughout Northern VA. We are commercially licensed, insured, and bonded.

Our trucks are some of the largest in the junk removal business. Each truck holds 560 cubic feet of junk (14' L by 8' W with 5' H sides with an open top)...that's 40% more volume than the competition's little blue trucks for less money. You always get more truck for your buck with Dirty Deeds.

You can just about fit a lifetime's worth of junk in one of our trucks!


Amounts in between are pro-rated so you don't pay for space you're not using and ensure you get more truck for your buck!

Pricing includes dumping fees and labor. Two guys will go anywhere on your property, inside or outside, to get the junk you want removed. Simply point it out and away it goes!

dimensions of truck size 14'L, 8'W, 5'H. showing approximately how much space a load is

Min Pick Up              $95

1/4 Truckload            $175

1/2 Truckload            $325

3/4 Truckload           $455

Full Truckload          $590

Construction Debris

  • The transfer stations charge our company based on the weight of the truck load. Construction debris is dense and heavy, therefore there is a surcharge for construction debris pickups.


  • When a client has a large quantity of loose, smaller items that need to be bagged in contractor bags, we surcharge for extensive bagging. Often a client realizes that purchasing boxes and packing the items themselves is time consuming and boxes are an added expense. Some of our clients would rather have our team members provide a full service experience and swiftly make the loose items disappear. We provide the contractor bags. Minimal bagging is not surcharged.

Please read:  Chemicals cannot be taken
Examples of Chemicals: Paint, Gas, Oils, etc.
Other Items: Propane cylinders, oxygen tanks, and acids.

hazard logo to mention what we can not take
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